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R & D, manufacturing, sales and service

One of the national high-tech enterprises and private high-tech enterprises in Anhui


Anhui province is located in the state-level development zone, River Lek Park of Ningguo economic and Technological Development Zone, adjacent to Shanghai Hangzhou, the geographical position is superior, is a collection research and development, manufacturing, sales and service in one of the national high-tech enterprises and private science and technology enterprises in Anhui province. The company has the right to the company's products and technology import and export business, adhering to the "R & D" continue to focus on energy-saving lighting technology to do business philosophy, independent research and development of high-tech energy-saving lighting products, electrodeless lamp and LED waterproof .……





R & D, manufacturing, sales and service

One of the national high-tech enterprises and private high-tech enterprises in Anhui

  • The LED street lights of Shanghai Shanghai brand go to Europe

    Over the years, the company through the Shanghai continue to strengthen research and development of new products, high power LED waterproof power, Shanghai LED waterproof power supply quality of the products using the advanced design idea, increase the special anti lightning protection function, won the unanimous recognition of customers.

    8 2017-05-12
  • Foreign trade orders opened new products, LED street lights and LED waterproof driving power of the international market.

    Bulk orders abroad opened a new product, LED street lights and LED waterproof driving power of the vast international market, for the LED new product market has made a good start! Shanghai help company all staff confidence, go forward courageously!

    6 2017-05-12
  • HB brand electrodeless lamp series of lamps officially launched, by new and old customers!

    We know that the electrodeless lamp circuit design, structural design, appearance design, frequency settings, components selection, production technology and debugging technology and other factors will determine its quality, performance, light effect. This is what we often call the internal cause of the lighting effect. However, electrodeless lamp by environment (the wild perennial, exposed to the weather of rain, wet haze Mu wind comb,

    5 2017-05-12
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The company will strive to build a world-class green environmental protection, energy-efficient lighting products